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Our next generation decentralized data technology provides fast, secure and easy way to exchange your data.
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Welcome to the World’s ultimate Blockchain based data exchange platform! Owndata is a crypto marketplace for data sellers and buyers. What is Owndata - How Owndata Works
Countries where Owndata collects data
You can earn money as tokens by using our platform to share your data. Owndata provides sophisticated tools for sharing and managing the data with the targeted platform / user base.

How Owndata Works?

1Collection of Data

Site Owners/Editors have to sign up and get a Owndata user account in order to register their websites to OwnData Blockchain Platform. Owndata generates a unique pixel code (unique cookie) for each website in return. The addition of this unique cookie to a web site, immediately enables the collection of visitors’ data.

2Segmentation & Profilisation of Data

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Owndata users can flexibly segment the collected visitors’ data however they (or the buyer) would like to take. Besides, it also allows the users to integrate their own algorithm for a deeper profilisation & retargeting. Such a flexibility paves the way to automatically tokenize and sell the segmented data to buyers on the OwnData exchange platform.

Owndata Network Operation Center


Creating and using a data wallet takes a few simple steps, here is how data wallet is used;
Get Data Wallet Open Token Wallet Download Desktop Wallet and start earning tokens.


Owndata is for content owners, website owners and editors, application developers, advertisers, publishers, data suppliers, data exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs and more!
Global Advertising Spending (2017) Total Market Cap: $591B
Who uses it?
Basically, anyone who is in the advertisement business.
Digital Advertisement

Digital Advertisement

Digital advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through email, social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or Web sites and affiliates programs.
TV Ads

TV Ads

Television advertisements have the advantage of sight, sound, movement and colour to persuade a customer to buy from you. They are particularly useful if you need to demonstrate how your product or service works.
Print Ads

Print Ads

If an advertisement is printed on paper, be it newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, direct mail, or anything else that would be considered a portable printed medium, then it usually comes under the banner of print advertising.
Near Future

Near Future

Owndata plans to use data exchange not only on Digital, Media or Print platforms, but on all of the platforms that needs data, such as Telecommunications, Textile, Medical, etc...


Data can generate quite big revenue, large companies collect data from users for free. Owndata platform allows users to monetize their data.

Decentralized Data

Decentralized Data
Secure, reliable and immutable Data stored on OwnData Blockchain Platform


We have completed the integration with theadx.com Demand Side Platform and developed our marketplace. Data owners can earn more tokens by selling their segments to advertisers.


The big data market size is increasing non-stop. So the revenue of the market is increasing as well. Owndata is the best way to make use of this growth and turn it into profit.
Revenue Forecast for the Global Big Data Industry Market Volume in billion U.S. dollars
Global Bigdata Revenue Forecast Source: statista.com, 2018

About graphics shows a revenue forecast for the global big data industry from 2011 to 2026. For 2017, the source projects the global big data market size to grow to just under 34 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

The term "big data" describes the enormous amount of data that inundate businesses on a constant basis, as well as the industry which has grown around attempts to collect, analyze, and act upon that data. Due to the size and complexity of "big data" sets, traditional data processing applications are seen as inadequate. While the volume of data becomes largely unimportant beyond a certain point, it is what organizations are able to do with the data that matters. According to its proponents, the ability to harness big data effectively allows businesses to make faster, smarter decisions and improve short- and long-term strategic planning.
“The largest big data segment is currently professional services, which represents around two fifths of the total market and generates around 10 billion U.S. dollars annually.”
“Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP round out the top three, with big data revenues for each company reaching close to a billion U.S. dollars.”
The largest big data segment is currently professional services, which represents around two fifths of the total market and generates around 10 billion U.S. dollars annually. Some analysts suggest this may not last, however, with service revenues giving way to big data software revenues over the coming decade. Across all segments, IBM is the current market leader, with revenues of about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars from big data. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP round out the top three, with big data revenues for each company reaching close to a billion U.S. dollars.

While the industry is growing steadily, client companies continue to have some concerns with the wholesale adoption of big data. Employees and executives working with big data have listed security, cost, and a lack of technical big data expertise as some of their most pressing concerns, and many executives believe that maintaining the quality of collected data remains a significant challenge.


Learn how to earn tokens in Owndata Ecosystem.
Token Distribution Scheme

Site Owner

Users or companies who stores Unique Cookies to the system via Owndata Script in their website.

Unique Data Cookie

Unique Data Cookie collected via Owndata Script in the visited page.

Data Wallet

Wallet that stores the Unique Data Cookies in the system in exchange for Owndata Tokens.

Token Wallet

Wallet that stores Owndata Tokens (Owntoken).

Owndata Token

Cryptocurrency of the Owndata Ecosystem.


Data Management Platforms buy Data from Data Wallets of Website Owners’ in exchange for Owndata Tokens.


Demand Side Platforms buy Data from Data Wallets of Website Owners in exchange for Owndata Tokens.


Revenue per Unique Data Cookie is highest at 0-100M data range. Early adopters will get more tokens for their data. As the amount of data in the ecosystem increases, the revenue earned decreases accordingly. When Owndata opens to the exchanges, the value of users’ earned tokens will be priced by market demand.


Total Tokens 110,000,000,000
Contract Address 0x170b275ced089fffaebfe927f445a350ed9160dc
Token Symbol OWN
Get Data Wallet Open Token Wallet Download Desktop Wallet and start earning tokens.


We will be distributing some of the funds in the following system;
the early users who bring the data get the highest earnings.
Total Tokens 110,000,000,000 Bounty 5,500,000,000
Bounty Program
Early adopters will make the most profit.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to gain more token and make the most profit from owndata platform?

Early adopters will gain more tokens and will make the most profit. Because early adopters may collect more unique cookie than the others which means more token.

2. On which Exchanges will you be located?

We will announce this information when it becomes definite. However, integration to Exchanges will take place in 2018/Q2. Our target is to take place in all stock markets.

3. How will you ensure the security of the data? How does owndata technology keep data secure?

We do not sell, rent, share or trade your data to third parties for marketing purposes unless you have granted up permission to do so.

4. How do you use the blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is used only financially. However, the physical storage of data is not in Blockchain, but in MongoDB.

5. Can we load the ready data into the system and win the token?

This is not possible. First, you need to add script code into your website and start collecting data via this script code.

6. What does “Token Locking” mean? Why the tokens are locked and when are they transferred?

The tokens are kept locked in your wallet for a month. In this period, the data provided is controlled and verified against fraud. Then once the data is verified, the respective amount is transferred to the related account.

7. What is the intended purpose of the pre-mine?

In our project, our token has the feature of utility. For this reason, owndatatoken’s mining process completed previously. Thus, we started to transfer tokens to the user after the mining process was completed.

8. How do you sell your data in owndata marketplace?

You can start selling your segmented data in Owndata Marketplace where you may also find the user manual..


OWNDATA Token Distribution Announcement

Dear Community,

As you all know, owndata airdrop program is officially closed. We agreed with ok.net exchange for the distribution of the owndata airdrop tokens. The tokens you earned from our airdrop program, will be distributed soon when ok.net platform starts its operation. Stay tuned :)

Thank you for your patience and continuous support!


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