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Fast and easy way to store your tokens. Manage your tokens from any device any time with our web wallet.

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A wallet designed for practical use that provides all of the Owndata features in one easy to use interface.

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How to Transfer your Tokens to imToken

View OWN Tokens on MyEtHerWallet

To view your OWN Tokens on MyEtherWallet, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet.com View Wallet Info page,
  2. Choose 'View w/ Address Only',
  3. Copy & paste your wallet address into the textarea on the right and click 'View Balance',
  4. On the opened page, click 'Add Custom Token' button, and enter the Information below:
    • Token Contact Address: Your wallet address
    • Token Symbol: OWN
    • Decimals: 8
  5. Below the form you can view your OWN Token Balance.